Orion Investment Fund


Orion Investment Fund seeks to provide investors with long-term capital growth and capital appreciation.


The Sub-Fund seeks to achieve its investment objective by investing in listed transferable securities and/or unlisted equities that are in the process of obtaining a listing, issued by entities (“Target Companies”) that are established and/or operating in any reputable jurisdiction.

The Sub-Fund may invest in Target Companies with any market capitalisation, including small-cap firms in a start-up phase. The Sub-Fund may invest in regulated, or unregulated, listed or unlisted collective investment schemes; its policy does not prohibit it from taking management control of any underlying Target Company.

The Sub-Fund may also invest in debt securities and non-investment grade (high yield) debt securities issued by Target Companies and in money market funds, money market instruments and fixed-income instruments for liquidity management purposes.


We understand that every investor has different objectives and risk appetites. You can invest in the ORION INVESTMENT FUND starting from a minimum of Eur 100,000. The Fund is managed by a team of professionals who strive to provide attractive investment returns through proper governance and ethical leadership.