H Fund

H Fund

H Fund seeks to provide investors with long-term capital appreciation.


The Sub-Fund seeks to achieve its investment objective by investing in listed transferable securities, and/or unlisted equities that are in the process of obtaining a listing, issued by entities that are established and/or operating in any EEA jurisdiction and which operate within one, of more, of the following sectors: real estate (including development, restoration, renovation), green energy, renewable energy, electromechanics, and electrotechnology.

Investments in unlisted equities may be achieved either directly or through Special Purpose Vehicles established by the Company.

How may I invest?

We understand that every investor has different objectives and risk appetites. You can invest in the H FUND starting from a minimum of Eur 100,000. The Fund is managed by a team of professionals who strive to provide attractive investment returns through proper governance and ethical leadership.