The Company

Patrimonium Sicav at a Glance

Our end goal is to generate income and capital appreciation over time for our investors


Patrimonium is licensed as a self-managed Professional Investor Fund. The Portfolio management of the fund is outsourced to Auriga Asset Management ltd. Auriga is a Maltese Asset Management Company which has been active since 2013 and which is licenced to manage PIFs and UCITS fund. Auriga’s mission is to provide “tailor-made” solutions for each of its clients while priding itself on its values of discretion and transparency. These qualities are what set Auriga apart for us when choosing an Investment Manager.


Patrimonium has four sub-funds approved by the MFSA, each regulated by its own “Offering Supplement” and thus catering for a range of investment policies and objectives. Also, the assets and liabilities of each sub-fund are regarded as separate from each other. Patrimonium, together with its network of professionals and promoters, is always looking for new investment opportunities to diversify and expand the funds we offer to our investors.


Maltese PIFs are the most flexible solution amongst the regulated collecting investment schemes in Europe. PIFs can hold a wide range of underlying assets, are exempt or have minimal restrictions on the investment policies (risk spreading and/or diversification requirements, borrowing or leverage restrictions) and the appointment of an administrator and a custodian is not mandatory. PIFs do not benefit from any passporting rights neither under AIFM Directive nor under UCTIS Directive and are suitable only for Qualifying investors.


Investment in PIFs is strictly reserved to individuals or entities that match the criteria of eligibility as “Qualifying Investor”. The requirements include:

  • a minimum investment of € 100,000 that is to be executed and maintained for the duration of the investment
  • the full knowledge and acceptance of the risks connected with the fund strategy and policies, provided by means of a written declaration.
  • Fulfilling at least one of the criteria set out by the Investment Services Rules for Professional Investor Funds of Malta, which in essence related to the wealth/financial soundness of the investor or his experience in the investment industry  (contact us for further details)


July 2023

H Fund

was established

Real Asset Fund

First round of investments concluded

February 2022
August 2021

Real Asset Fund

was established

Orion Investment Fund

First round of investments concluded

October 2020
August 2019

Orion Investment Fund

was established

Orion Financial Fund

The first round of investments concluded

June 2019
July 2018

Orion Financial fund

Patrimonium SICAV Plc’s first sub-fund was established

Incorporation of Patrimonium SICAV plc

The first office opened in Malta

October 2016